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Shoe Bag Black

Shoe Bag Black

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Women &
Men shoe bags
convenient for your life and travel FUOCO Shoe bag is good design for home and travel use. With this lightweight and ventilated carrier, you can easily pack your shoes in a neat and organized manner. Keep your shoes separate from clothes in the luggage during the trip. Also great for keeping your favorite shoes from getting dusty in the closet!

This Lightweight Travel Shoe Bag allows you to easily carry your shoes with you at all time. It is perfectly designed for gym shoes, running shoes, basketball, football, soccer, business shoes, etc. or use it to carry and travel with your shoes for work - dress shoes, heels.

Waterproof fabric and Best zipper: The fabric is waterproof, even if water is accidentally spilled on the shoe bag, the shoes will not get wet, and the fabric is easy to clean; zipper, smooth and durable

Practical design, more convenient to use: Full opening design, easy to take out and put in shoes this makes your leather shoes will not be scratched when you store them, and the mud on the soles will not stain your hands

Portable & Easy to carry: The sturdy handle is convenient for you to carry, the regular rectangle is suitable for putting in a suitcase, a must for travel, suitable for business travel, travel, sports and
fitness, camping

Large Capacity & Foldable: It can fit shoes up to size 12, and when you are not using the shoe bag, it can be easily folded neatly for easy storage in a backpack or drawer

Multipurpose: it's not just a shoe bag, it can also be used as a travel kit to organize your clothes, pants, underwear