Why Are Custom ID Tags Important?

Each year, approximately 14.5 million pets are lost in the India alone and 62.4 million are homeless, and millions of those end up in the nation’s animal shelters. Tragically, only 15% of dogs in shelters without ID tags with their owners. 

To prevent the heartache of losing your dog, it is important to equip your dog with ID tags to maximise the chance of their safe return if they stray from home or are lost on vacation or walks. 

Our Personalised Dog Harness ensures that your dog is firmly strapped in so they cannot escape and if they do escape, they can easily be reunited with you due to the custom ID tag. 

Introducing our exceptional dog harness with a built-in name plate, designed to provide personalized protection and style for your beloved pet. This innovative harness combines functionality, comfort, and customization, ensuring the utmost safety and peace of mind during walks, adventures, and everyday activities.

Our dog harness is crafted with premium materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. The adjustable straps allow for a secure and customized fit, catering to dogs of various sizes and breeds. The harness is designed to distribute pressure evenly, minimizing any discomfort or strain on your pet's neck and chest.

What sets our dog harness apart is the integrated name plate feature. The name plate serves as a customizable identification tag, providing essential information about your pet, such as their name and your contact details. This ensures that your pet can be easily identified if they ever wander off or get lost. The engraved name plate adds a personal touch and eliminates the need for separate ID tags that can get tangled or lost.

Comfort is a top priority. The harness is padded with soft, breathable material to prevent rubbing or chafing, ensuring your pet's comfort even during extended wear. The sturdy D-ring attachment on the back of the harness allows for easy leash connection, giving you full control and security during walks.

Not only does our dog harness with a name plate provide safety and functionality, but it also showcases style and uniqueness. With various colors and design options available, you can select the perfect combination that reflects your pet's personality and enhances their overall look.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is protected and easily identifiable with our dog harness featuring a name plate. Invest in this practical and stylish accessory that combines personalized identification, comfort, and security for your furry companion. Enjoy worry-free adventures and create lasting memories with your beloved pet, all while keeping them safe and stylish.